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"Blithe: showing high spirits or lightheartedness; joyfulness, playfulness and exhilaration."

Blithe Yoga was founded in 2016 by Lexi Elven. We moved into our studio location in the autumn of 2018.

The small team who teach our classes are extremely passionate about bringing all themes of yoga to their students. Each with a differing style but all with the highest quality. Delivering serious yoga with a playful spirit.

Our yoga & meditation ranges from stronger dynamic styles to gentler slower paces; for those that are pregnant; to parents and babies. We also provide a Community Yoga class every Wednesday evening at 6:15pm, this is a non-profit class where all proceeds go towards local homeless charity “Lola’s Homeless”.

For more information on yoga classes, private lessons, how yoga might help you with your personal fitness goals, injury or during your journey pre or post pregnancy, please say 'hello' at: hello@blitheyoga.com